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The Satanic Control of Russian Leaders

Saturday, October 15th, 2011

The wars that are ahead will be much different. There will be no clear lines, nor any taking of land. They will be wars of destruction, like the world has never seen, fought quickly but then lingering on, with no clear winner. This is Satan’s goal. He stirs up nations to think that they can easily grab a prize, but when they grasp it, it clings to their hand and nothing is resolved. So, the fighting just continues, draining each side and causing untold suffering.

Suffering is what he wants. He rejoices in his demented fashion when everyone is suffering, even those who have put their lot in with him. Yes, there are nations dedicated to him, even though they are not aware of whom they are serving. They even think they are serving God, but they are serving Satan in their military endeavors.

This is already happening. Wars go on far beyond the expected deadline. The enemy finds new life and new sources of supplies and soldiers. It is endless and will remain so until Russia is consecrated to my Immaculate Heart. Then the heavenly Father will give peace to the world.

Many will say that Russia is not the problem but I see the truth. I see what happens behind the scenes. Why does anyone trust that leader whose heart is so ambitious to have Russia regain its military and diplomatic powers? He saw these taken away and he wants to regroup them. He is already acting, trying to draw the neighboring nations into a unity which he will use for his demonic plans. Who confronts him? Who opposes him? He acts without any opposition. He is no longer seen as the sinister force. He has changed his costume, but not his heart. Keep your eye on Russia. Do not allow him to expand his influence.

The West is relaxing. They are saying “Russia is our friend. Russia is no longer a problem”. How foolish can you be? The heart of Russia’s leaders still belongs to Satan. Do not be fooled by the seeming lack of resources. Satan possesses his heart and he can arm him in a second. What do you think Satan is doing in Iran? Does not Russia delight? Does he not participate? Russia is not on the sidelines. They are active participants. Wake up! I want Russia consecrated to my Immaculate Heart before it is too late. It is already very late.

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