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The Coming Economic Scandals

Saturday, October 22nd, 2011

I am trying to bind mankind to myself, like a boat that must be tied to the pier in the middle of a storm. Otherwise, mankind will just be taken out to sea, lost amid the coming economic storm.

So much will be blown away. So many financial institutions that once stood strong will be swept away in the flood of debt, victims of selfishness and greed. The question arises, “What can be done at this moment when so many forces have already been released? Let us begin.

I will not speak of economic policies. Those that are needed are well known. The economists know how to put things in order. They know well the measures that need to be implemented. The problem is not knowledge. The difficulty is to get everyone willing to implement the fair decisions. However, no one trusts. All are suspicious. Financial stability is gained only by constant policies that do not change. When people trust, the system is solid. When selfishness enters, then people change the system, wanting rules that favor their interests. The trust is broken. The problem is this, “How do you put together a consensus when everyone is splintered?”

How do you get splintered? What happened to the broad-based consensus that would put aside selfish concerns for the common good? What has allowed this selfish greed to go unpunished? Who or what has brought about this current situation where even the powerful are helpless (or too busy enriching themselves).

I will call the perpetrators into my courtroom of justice for all to see. I will call elected officials before the people and expose their hearts. I will call owners before the public. When all is revealed, they will call it scandalous. So, when scandals abound, when the secrets are made public, when greed and avarice are uncovered, know that I am trying to provide an atmosphere that is clearly a help to the economy and can be put in place. Unfortunately, scandals are needed to correct greed.

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