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Globalization and the Demonic Virus

Monday, November 21st, 2011

In time past, there have been many evils. Often these have spread and made the body of mankind very ill. Yet, there were other forces that sprang up and destroyed the evil enough to allow the body to continue.

This has been the constant state of mankind, a body which is partially well and partially ill. The Father has so constructed the human race that it was spread out. For centuries, people in Europe and Asia were unaware of the New World or that the human race inhabited these unknown regions.

Now, all of mankind is drawn together. No place in the world is unexplored. Mankind knows the full extent of its body. More important, the parts are all joined. The body is one, so to speak, fully aware of all its members. This should serve the body. The health of one part can be communicated to the other. Unfortunately, the opposite can and does happen. The illnesses are communicated. The healthy traditions are destroyed and moral sickness becomes contagious.

Who will win this battle? All can see that the human race has entered a totally new stage. By learning the extent of all the members and by unifying those members, much good can result. However, great evil can also quickly spread. The safeguards have been taken down.

Mankind calls this new stage, “globalization”. It represents a condition with which man has no experience. By globalization, events happen quickly and are instantly communicated to the whole world. Man now has a technological blood stream that flows to every part of his body. Whatever enters, good or bad, goes everywhere and affects every member.

This is why I speak. The evil one sees his opportunity. He needs only to find a few cells of the body (people whom he controls) to inject them with his viruses, and then to let nature take its course. Soon, what he inserted into these people begins infecting the whole human race. I am the antidote to Satan, knowing his infectious codes and understanding what will kill these viruses. Without me, the human race will fall mortally ill. Yet, it need not happen.

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