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Cairo – Satan’s Stronghold

Wednesday, November 23rd, 2011

Cairo is the center of the demonic forces. From there, the disturbances will continue to spread. There is no peace in Cairo and there will never be peace. Satan has set up his stronghold. He owns so many people – the military, the Muslim brotherhood, and by the spread of violence, even those who oppose the military. He holds all in his power, some directly and others indirectly. The city has entered into a darkness that no human efforts can lift.

The struggle will go on. The casualties will grow. More and more will turn against the military but it has been strengthened by billions of American dollars. It is well financed and well armed. Nothing else in the city can compare with its might, not even the Muslin brotherhood.

This situation is quite different from a dictator who spent years in power and had a history that the people revolted against. This history united the people. They had all lived through it. But the military control is new and they are not just one family. They come from different sectors and enjoyed a great popularity during the revolution. Now, all is changed. They have made decisions inspired by Satan. He has now taken Cairo to his second step.

As I said before, he fulfills his plans secretly and only when they are in place does he reveal himself. Now, through the army, he is gradually revealing the full depth of his plan. He has chosen Cairo as his center. He has a firm hold. There will never be peace. He does not want it. There will never be reconciliation among all the groups. He ferments only hatred and division.

What are his future steps? Why has he chosen Cairo? These answers will be revealed in the coming months. The situation will worsen. People will see the nightmare that comes forth. They have already killed my Coptic Christians because Satan wants them removed. Other elements of Christian presence will also disappear. This should be a sure sign of the evil that is taking hold of Cairo and sinking its roots. The poor people. They sought only their freedom and did not discern the forces behind the revolution.

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