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The Economic Shaking

Saturday, November 26th, 2011

Why do I speak this way, lecturing a world that will not listen but inviting everyone to come? Does not a mother act that way towards her children? Some will listen and others will not.

My heart is stirred with the deepest of emotions. Never have I seen so many swept into sinful life styles, never so many abandoning the faith which they received from infancy. The great tides are sweeping them along. They are pulled out to sea, far from the safety of land, far from those who could bring them to safety.

We have a world of uprooted individuals, who have been beguiled by a world that promised them everything. They have lost their faith. They have only superficial relationships with those who do have faith. They are truly adrift and so many waves come against them. Yet, they do not see their plight. They are without a clue about their situation. I must speak now, so what happens in the future will guide them back to shore and not push them further out to sea.

The world will begin to shake. What was thought secure and certain will be seen as toppling and collapsing. This will cause panic. It will followed by a short period of calm, when things seem to settle down. Do not be fooled. The original tremors are a warning signal calling people to turn back to their faith. The time of calm is given so decisions can be made and the faith relationship can be restored.

I must insist this time of calm is not to be wasted. Otherwise, the final chance will be squandered. After the calm, comes the collapse. Every institution not built on solid rock will go under. All of the weaknesses built into the economic system will become evident. Trust will vanish. People will say, “Why didn’t I see this coming?” Despair and fear will grip many. Earth is all they have and their earth is collapsing.

But those who used the time of calm to strengthen their faith, those who again sought the blessings of the Church and returned with their families to regular worship, these will find the light and strength that they need. Their newly-regained faith will be their light in the darkness. I cannot be any clearer.

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