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A Year Filled with Dangers

A War Against each Other

Thursday, January 3rd, 2013

Why do I speak this way? Am I not a man of peace? Did I not say to my apostles, “My peace I leave with you”? If words of peace were upon my lips, I would be a liar. Man has destroyed the means to peace. The road to peace has been set aside. Nation is set against nation, and groups within each nation are against each other. This is Satan’s plan, to have men war against each other, so they gain their selfish interests. The way of peace is to think about the other and consider the needs of the other. But who follows this path?

Forces are set in motion that will inevitably collide. That is the current state of mankind. I speak to avoid these collisions. Because mankind does not foresee what will soon happen, they think my words are extreme and unneeded. Let me speak again. I must pull people away from the impending disasters. I must ask for a greater fidelity to God’s law and a deeper devotion to the Catholic Church. I promise you, reader, that all is not lost if you prepare. I call you to a complete, total, and radical devotion to my Immaculate Heart. Learn my request about the Five First Saturdays. Begin there. The rest will follow.

Editor’s Note:

As part of her Fatima revelations, Mary asks each Catholic to do five things on the First Saturday of each month:

1. Receive Holy Communion (If it is impossible to get to mass, then Communion the next day suffices.)

2. Go to confession (eight days before or eight days after).

3. Say the rosary ( five decades).

4. Spend fifteen minutes meditating on one of the mysteries of the rosary.

5. Offer these four devotions in reparation for sins committed against her Immaculate Heart.

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