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Words to the World

Nations Brought to Their Knees

Thursday, April 11th, 2013

When decisions are made, a course is chosen which often cannot be reversed. Future generations are forced to live with those decisions and are burdened with a path that leads to destruction and death.

Look at what has been done, all that has been inflicted upon the world. Weapons, even weapons of great destruction, have been unleashed. Burdens of debt have been accumulated. Corruption is blatant. Leaders feed themselves while their people starve.

What lies ahead? Can mankind solve what it has brought about? Can mankind suddenly swerve, avoid the tragedies that lie ahead, and take a new course? What voice is raised? What nation bears my name and acts in my light? The nations have banished me, even those whom I have raised up from their infancy.

Am I to allow nation to war against nation until both are brought to their knees? Am I to allow the forces of evil to be unleashed so they are all spent? These are not the solutions. They only open the world to still greater evils. I must come in a breath. I must breathe upon the nations. I cannot allow the universal destruction that the Evil One wants so much to occur.

Many leaders do not know the seriousness of the situation and close their eyes to the reality that is taking place. They do not know what to do or how to handle the gigantic problems which lie on the horizon. All is in disarray, like a people waiting for a hurricane, so great is the confusion.

What will happen when the events begin? Who will be ready? All I can do is to save those who listen to me. That is why I speak. There is only one way to prepare. Cleanse your hearts of all sin. Gather your loved ones in prayer. Move away from all that the world holds dear. Let your hearts go out to the poor. These are the basic preparations. Do not omit them and, when the events break forth, I will enlighten you.

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