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Mary Embraces the World

Challenging the Evil Events

Tuesday, December 3rd, 2013

Yes, events move on. Changes take place that determine future events. Events cling to one another and unfold, just like the parts of a story. However, other events can intervene that change this course of world history.

Open your eyes. These events happen in your sight every single day. Events that seem innocuous become colossal in hind sight. What seems like just a small change becomes a curve in the road. Powerful forces are being unleashed that will bring about events that no one can control. Changes are happening that will never be rolled back.

I do not want these events to continue unchallenged. I want to change their course and even bring them to a complete halt. But who listens to my pleas? Only when the bridge topples are those who warned of its weakness listened to. Only when buildings collapse are warnings heeded.

So it will be. Little disasters will act as warnings of greater calamities. They will be harbingers of future events which can be avoided. I will speak more clearly than ever before. The time is short.

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