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Mary Embraces the World

A Clear Warning

Thursday, December 5th, 2013

How will I awaken my people? I must tear away the veils that hide these evils. I must have all the world see what is happening. Then, no one can say that these events came as a surprise. No one can complain, “Why did not God warn us ahead of time?” By these words, I am warning the whole world. I am putting on notice all of the world leaders and all of its people. Mark the words down and note the dates.

Iran will not stop its nuclear program. It has deceived America (which in many ways wanted to be deceived) and now feels more secure than ever. The hidden activities will go on, only now covered over more than ever. Even its intentions will grow more hidden, as it quickly changes its rhetoric.

The investigations will take place and even reports of some progress. Steps will be taken to fool the West. Iran will do whatever it must. However, its eyes are on the same goal of holding in its own hands the nuclear weapons that will give it superiority in the Middle East. Nothing has changed. Only America deludes itself that a break-through has occurred. Everybody else deals in reality, not promises.

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