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The Hidden Mysteries of Mary's Immaculate Heart

The Father Reveals Everything

Wednesday, December 11th, 2013

The heavenly Father revealed to me all of his sorrows to see mankind pursue the road of sin, to watch as people killed other people and all the disorders that began to happen. He revealed his desire to rid the world of sin. Then, Noah found favor in his sight.

These revelations included everything placed in my heart, the faith he found in Abraham, the strength of Moses, and the heart of his King David. Yet, no one in Israel had found full favor with him, all were touched by sin.

Even while in the womb, the revelations began, filling my soul with every possible gift. I knew that at the proper time all would come forth. He who is mighty rejoiced in what he had done in creating me and choosing me to be his mother. That part of the mystery was hidden from me until the angel Gabriel came. Then I understood that I had found favor and would become the Mother of Jesus.

I knew that Joseph would believe and that the baby would be born in Bethlehem, according to the Davidic prophecies. I knew that all would unfold in the greatest of all mysteries. This is what I want to reveal to you. All was revealed. I needed only to believe the Lord’s words to me.

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